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Boiler Feed Service

At Sunair Co., we consider boiler feed water to be one of our signature applications. In fact, our reputation for excellence was built largely upon our extensive expertise with this particular service.

Our engineering team will help you bring a higher level of efficiency and reliability to your boiler feed process, drawing from our wide inventory of distributed pumps and seals. For instance, our selection of Sundyne pumps offer API 610 compliance, low NSPH and single-stage simplicity, while Sunflo single-stage centrifugal pumps can out-perform competing multi-stage units.

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Check out some notable case studies below, then contact our sales team to discuss your project!


A New Jersey biomass cogeneration facility upgrades its steam turbine-driven boiler feed water pump to single-stage integrally-geared Sunflo P3000 pump, replacing unreliable and expensive to maintain multi-stage axial-split boiler feed water pump.

BEFORE (click for larger image):

Boiler Feed

Note the sump pump, which is sitting on the baseplate and pumping off mechanical seal leakage!

AFTER (click for larger image):

Boiler Feed Pump

Sunflo P3000 pump driven by steam turbine - Sunair provided start-up commissioning and training.


A cogeneration facility at a Pennsylvania wood treatment plant upgrades its motor- and turbine-driven boiler feed water pumps to single-stage integrally-geared Sunflo P3000 pumps, replacing segmented ring multi-stage pumps.

BEFORE (click for larger image):

Boiler Feed 2

AFTER (click for larger image):

Boiler Feed Pump 2

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