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Sump Pumps

Sump & Submersible Pumps
When it comes to challenging sump applications, Sunair Co. carries a complete range of solutions for virtually any concern. Our inventory includes pumps that can stand up to high temperature, corrosive, viscous or solids-laden fluids, as well as streamlined designs that fit easily into tight spaces and are capabe of handling tank stripping or railcar unloading services.

We offer five unique types of pumps suitable for various sump services:

  • Vertical Line Shaft and Cantilevered
  • Self-priming
  • Submersible
  • Positive Displacement
  • Progressing Cavity

Learn more about each of these pump types below…

Vertical Line Shaft & Cantilevered

Vertical line shaft or cantilevered pumps can be manufactured in either alloy or non-metallic materials and usually feature a sealless design. These are commonly used when handling hot or corrosive fluids. Additionally, they have the advantage of always being primed, since the impeller is submerged in the process fluid when the pump is started. Vertical pumps are also a good option when there is concern about freezing of a pump mounted out of the sump.

Sunair Co. recommends: Fybroc, Sulzer, HMD Kontro and Toyo / Hevvy.


Self-priming pumps are commonly used in situation where sump volume is limited and a horizontal pump is preferred; or in services like waste water, where large solids can be encountered. Typically, these types of pumps are mounted out of the pit and are specially designed to eliminate air in the suction line, which causes the fluid in the sump to rise into the impeller. Self-priming pump technologies can be either wet or dry prime design, but they all require a priming system and most also feature have a mechanical seal.

Some special sealless self-priming designs are also available, although – due to priming issues – they are generally not appropriate for handling high temperature fluids with high lifts.

Sunair Co. recommends: Fybroc, Pioneer, HMD Kontro, Cornell and Xylem / Marlow.


Submersible pumps are popular for their ease of installation and variety of configurations. They feature an integral electric motor that is submerged along with the pump. The motor is protected by a mechanical seal and the electric cable entry system to prevent damage from liquid intrusion. Submersible pumps are best suited when sump temperatures are relatively low, less than around 105ºF.

Sunair Co. recommends: Sulzer, National Pump and Toyo / Hevvy.

Positive Displacement

Positive displacement pumps include both air-operated and motor-driven diaphragm pumps, which can prime from a dry start and run dry. They are able to handle solids, as well as foamy, two-phase fluids. These pumps are often low cost and light weight, making them versatile for general purpose applications. However, precautions must be taken when handling hazardous fluids to prevent personnel and environmental exposure in the event of a diaphragm failure.

Sunair Co. recommends: Price Pump Co., Ramparts, Penn Valley Pump and Xylem / Marlow.

Progressing Cavity

Progressing cavity pumps can also be a good choice for sumps containing viscous or shear-sensitive fluids, or where non-pulsing flow is required.

Sunair Co. recommends: SEEPEX vertically configured pumps.

Alongside our selection of sump pumps, Sunair Co. also offers a variety of pump control systems to maintain sump levels and protect your investment. Level sensors, pressures sensors and ultrasonic devices can help prevent against dry running, while variable speed drives can help to avoid frequent pump starts and stops. There are even innovative “floatless” level controls available, such as the H2flow Drainage Control Monitor (DCM).

Sunair Co. has the breadth of product and depth of experience to help select the right pump for your sump service. Contact us at +1 215-657-9800 to discuss your application and request a quote!

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