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Pumps for Slurries

Sunair Co. tackles your toughest slurry applications with a complete range of durable and robust solutions, whether the slurry is highly abrasive, viscous, shear sensitive, or otherwise.

Sunair Co. offers a complete range of centrifugal and positive-displacement pump solutions to suit your needs. Take a look at Sine rotary positive displacement pumps for gentle handling of high viscosity syrups, gels, polymers, and emulsions with easy to service simplicity of design. Monoflo progressing cavity pumps offer the ability to handle thick and thin viscosity slurries, shear sensitive fluids and highly abrasive slurries, and they can be used for non-pulsing, low flow metering service as well.

For high flow, aggressive slurries consider Discflo centrifugal disc pumps. Monoflo and Discflo pumps as well as Price AOD pumps are often specified for filter press feed services. Penn Valley Double Disc Pumps offer a unique self-priming design which is great for feeding oil/water separation units. ABS submersible pumps are also available when your system has a below grade sump or vault. Your Sunair sales rep will help point you to the right solution for your application.

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